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     Now that you have completed the Silva course, how can you get the greatest benefit from it?
     One of the best ways is through a participation in an Silva Graduate Support Group.
     Groups can take many forms, and function in a wide variety of ways, as we will discuss in just a moment.
     As long as a group has one key ingredient, it will be successful and you will receive many benefits.
     When you meet with other Silva graduates on a regular basis, and you help them and they help you, then you establish a degree of rapport and knowledge and understanding that can be far more beneficial to you than anything some so-called "expert" might offer.
     If there is no support group convenient for you, then consider starting one. There are many types of support groups:
     *Some groups have a lot of members - 50 or more - and meet once a month, with a somewhat formal program and agenda.
     *Other groups are small and personal, and meet every week.
     *Some groups meet when the host is available.
     *Some groups have only two members and they meet only by telephone or by email. They help each other, and each others relatives, friends, and associates. Sometimes they refer to themselves as "Programming Partners."
     *Jose Silva recalls that in the 1960s, when he was teaching in several cities in North Texas, many of the graduates lived so far apart that it was quite inconvenient for them to meet in person. "But whenever somebody in the group needed help," he said, "they all called each other and all of the graduates worked on the case."
     *Now there are groups meeting in "cyberspace" - they communicate with each other through their computers. They even go to level together. One person will type out instructions, which the other members see on their monitors so that they can then close their eyes and program in the same manner at the same time.
     All of these groups can be very effective.
     The one common ingredient in all of the effective support groups, and of all of the people who are very successful in using the Silva techniques, is a desire to use the Silva System to help correct problems and make the world a better place to live.
     No matter how large or how small your group; whether you daily or monthly or anything in between; whether you meet in person or by mail or on the phone or through computer services, if you are sincerely interested in using the Silva System to help one another, you will receive great benefits.
     There are many reasons why people don't participate in Silva Graduate Support Groups: There is not an active one in your area; they meet on a night when you cannot attend; you don't like the format or the people who attend, or they don't do things that are useful for you; there are no graduates in your area.
     There may be many good reasons why you do not participate in a support group. But when you stop and think about it, there is really no excuse.
     Even if you live a thousand miles away from the nearest graduate, and you cannot afford the long distance calls to talk to them once a week, you can still write letters and send emails.
     If you don't like the groups in your area, then start your own. If there is no group in your area, then start your own. Invite a few like-minded people to come. It only takes one other person to have a group, and most support groups usually do not exceed about a dozen participants. If you have more than that, it is difficult to develop the intimacy that can make a group so successful.
     The excuses for not participating seem almost insignificant when compared to the mountain of benefits that you receive when you do.
     If you would like some guidelines on starting and running a weekly Silva Graduate Support Group, drop us a line and we will be glad to help you.
     Do it. You'll be glad you did.

Health Cases
     Students of Jose Silva's healing methods can get health cases to work, and people with health problems can submit cases to:

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