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Network with other Silva graduates

     Jose Silva said that to "love one another means to help one another," and what better way than networking with other Silva grads, encouraging each other, talking about your own successes, celebrating the successes that other graduates have, programming for one another.

     If you'd like to list your name and interests so that other Silva grads can contact you, then sign our Guest Book, and consider joining the Silva Forum. (The forum will be set up soon.)

     A word of caution though: Some commercial emailers, who have no concept of the "Laws of Programming," send robots out onto the World Wide Web to "harvest" email address so that thousands of "spammers" can send you unsolicited and unwanted email (spam).

     To keep your email address of their list, we suggest that yo get a free "disposable" email account from Hot Mail, Yahoo, or other similar services and use it in public places, like guestbooks and forums. Here is what the Federal Communications Commission says:

     "Decide if you want to use two email addresses - one for personal messages and one for newsgroups and chat rooms. You also might consider using a disposable email address service that creates a separate email address that forwards to your permanent account. If one of the disposable addresses begins to receive spam, you can shut it off without affecting your permanent address."

     In the "Message" are of the Guestbook, you can list some of your interests, and also whether you have taken the live seminar, or the home study course (there is a significant difference in the abilities you develop in the live Silva seminars).

     We are new at this, and doing it in our "spare time," so please feel free to offer any suggestions. For instance, if there are things you'd like to see in the Profiles, please let us know so we can add them in. This is your alumni association, so let us know how to make it more useful and valuable to you.

     These profiles are only for Silva graduates, so let us know whether you attended a live presentation, or used a home study course. Thank you.

     Please feel free to send us additional information, and suggestions for how to network better. Also let us know how you'd like to see this service improved. Thank you.

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