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     These memories of Jose Silva, and reflections on dealing with difficulties, come from Jim Fallon, who has been dealing with a series of health problems over the last eight years:

     Note: as severe or not as these problems may be - this does not mean the Silva techniques did not work - in fact the best way to use the techniques is as Dennis Higgins suggested (UltraMind Remote Viewing album): Let the doctor work from the outside in, and the Silva techniques work from the inside out.

     But there is a reason for everything - only the wounded can really heal - only a healed mind can heal another - we must use the Silva techniques to increase the quality of our lives-maybe in small repetitious steps - but we must make the decision that we will not settle for less than we can be.

     I remember Jose Silva, when teaching the faith healing class, used to go up to his hotel room an use his stimulator because he had concerns about his heart - his attitude was great and his faith could move mountains. I asked him if he was worried. He said the following:

     "We know that worrying doesn't do you any good. And we know that worrying doesn't solve the problem. But did you know Jim that worrying can actually make things worse?
     "You see worrying is really the sending negative messages to your subconscious mind that will only lead to negative situations.
     "When you worry - you're really having a stream of negative thoughts, which lead to negative beliefs. These negative beliefs are picked up by your subconscious mind, which in turn creates your reality based on your beliefs. That's why we have 'Cancel-Cancel.'
     "Your subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between what is good for you and what is bad for you. It simply follows your instructions - and those instructions are your thoughts and beliefs. So if you worry that you'll never have enough money to pay the bills, then your subconscious - which is only acting on your instructions, will simply create situations so that you never have enough money to pay the bills. If you worry that you'll never find a job then your subconscious will create situations for you so that you don't find a job. These are just a few examples of how the subconscious mind responds when you worry.
     "You must break an old mental habit and establish a new and more positive habit. It is a matter of retraining your mind. The way to break any self-defeating habit is by building up a positive habit.
     "Jim, why do you worry???"

     He then went on to explain the Three Scenes Technique to me and talked about using more of your mind-both the left and right brain hemispheres together.

     What I can say is this:

     You attract into your life what you focus on. What one is focused on becomes what they believe...their beliefs then become their reality.

     People can follow many paths..but what they are trying to achieve in general is to move away from pain and move toward pleasure. This is a strong force that directs our lives.

     We do most things because we want to change...but change what?

     The answer is we want to change the way we feel. People are drawn to certain abundant paths..or even undertake a path..because they want to feel better. As you know..if one attaches more pain to stop smoking and lesser pain to keep smoking..they will continue to smoke.

     Our function as Silva Reps is to help people correct problems. This is what we are here for. Some think they don't have any will power... or any ability to manifest in their lives what they want... but as you look at their lives, they manifest usually what they don't what... or what they are fearful of, because that's what they're focusing on.

     Silva techniques assist to help change that focus.

     Nothing in this life as any meaning except the meaning that we give it. The meaning that we give it depends on what we focus on... what beliefs we develop or accept. Some run around in life confusing activity with accomplishment, but in the end they are just running around on the wheel of life.

     In the final is each soul's responsibility to seek out their own wisdom with diligence, and allow that wisdom to come into their lives harmoniously.

     Jose has provided the wisdom, maps and the tools.

     The rest is up to us.

     May all our journeys be most harmonious.


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