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Two unique individuals actually changed the consciousness of humanity

Goodbye Juan. Goodbye Jose.
We appreciate the time that we had with you.
We appreciate what you have given us more than we can ever possibly express.
We will do our best to continue what you started: to show people how to change their lives for the better with the  Mind Training System you developed.
Thank you, and goodbye.
Juan R. Silva
In this section of the Support Group Clubhouse, you will find some of the wisdom that Juan and Jose have left for us:  
Jose Silva

     In the 1990s, Jose and Juan Silva began to share more and more of the knowledge they had kept to themselves, and to help us prepare to carry on after they moved on to new assignments.
     After Juan Silva retired as Director of Foreign Countries for the business that he and his brother founded to spread the work about their mind training system, he stayed busy with the things he was most passionate about:
     *Helping Laredo residents who came to his house seeking help with health problems.
     *Helping the alumni association develop new programs to help graduates get the kind of great results they desire.
     *Working with us on new programs to introduce your loved ones and friends to the benefits of using the alpha level.

     Jose Silva had begun to restrict his activities after eight decades of providing for his family and taking care of just about everything for everybody in his life. He was concentrating on the things he was the most passionate about:
     *Reactivating the Ecumenical Society of Psy in order to teach more people his holistic faith healing techniques.
     *Providing guidance and support of the programs we were developing for graduates and their loved ones.
     *And one project that was a surprise even to him: Development of a new program - the Silva UltraMind ESP System - to help you find out what your purpose is and give you the guidance you need to fulfill it successfully.

Finishing their mission

     We could see that they knew their work here was nearing an end, and they wanted to leave us with the things that they considered the most important and valuable.
     Jose died on Feb. 7, 1999, at the age of 84, and Juan six weeks later on March 19 less than two months before his 83rd birthday. Both passed on peacefully, with family members by their side.
     You will find the projects that they cared so much about throughout this Silva Support Group Clubhouse. They include:
     *Silva Holistic Faith Healing Program. Jose Silva asked us to produce this home study course, and he told us how he wanted it done. He was so passionate about the new UltraMind ESP System that he postponed doing any video recording on the Holistic Faith Healing program until he had gotten UltraMind started, and passed on before we had a chance to record him. We continued on our own and did it the way he had directed.
     *Silva UltraMind ESP System. You can learn more about this System, which he called "The ultimate of the ultimate," at the UltraMind Web Site:

Still guiding us

     They taught us many things during the last five years that they were with us, and left us with many tools. You can see and hear both Juan and Jose on many of the programs that we've developed, such as the UltraMind ESP System, the UltraMind Remote Viewing, and the UltraMind Self Management home study courses.
     We are so grateful that Juan and Jose did so much for us. In addition to the sacrifices they made during the 22 years that they spent developing their ground breaking System, they continued to promote and protect it for more than 30 more years.

Remaining faithful to the research

     They never allowed anyone to alter or corrupt their System. Other people have "spun off" to do things their way, based on their opinions, but Jose and Juan remained true to their research.
     While others are changing and "modernizing" the work that our Founders did, those of us who are involved with the UltraMind ESP System are dedicated to remaining true to the research that they worked on so hard on for so long a time. We think they got it right.
     Having seen both of them just days before they moved on, we can assure you that they were content, and that they felt good about their lives. They had confidence that the movement that they started would be continued as they hoped, and we intend to carry on the way they wanted.

The future is in our hands

     It is up to us now... all of us... to continue the work.

     *Jose envisioned a world where there is a healer in every home; a world where humanity is dedicated to correcting problems, and helping one another, in order to convert planet earth into a paradise. A world where people pray for one another at alpha, rather than prey on one another at beta.

     *Juan programmed daily for a world where everyone knows that we are all in this together, that we can all have everything we need without taking from anyone else, with hurting anybody.

     They left their dreams in our hands.

     Nobody can take their place, nobody can do what they did.

     A hundred people could not continue what they started.

     It will take all of us, working together, to move their dreams closer to reality.

Let your needs be known

     Please let us know how your alumni association can help you. And let us know how you would like to help. There are many ways you can contribute:
     *Correct your own problems and become better at what you do, so that you will be a good example for others, and persuade them to attend the course.
     *Condition your loved ones and friends with the Silva Centering Exercise. You can listen to the Silva Centering Exercise tape with them, or better yet, read the conditioning cycle to them. Let us know and we'll send you a script that you can use, at no charge.
     *Become a holistic faith healer. You can attend an Ecumenical Society Healer Certification Seminar, or learn from the new audio-video home study course.
     *Become a certified Silva instructor for . Yes, you! It is easy to train people to use their ESP when you follow the guidance that Jose and Juan left us.
     Together we can continue the mission and show our appreciation for what Juan and Jose have given to us.

     Goodbye Juan. Goodbye Jose. We appreciate the time that we had with you. We appreciate what you have given us more than we can ever possibly express. We will do our best to continue what you started - to show people how to change their lives for the better through the System that you left us.
     Thank you, and Godspeed.

Tribute to Jose and Juan Silva and author Bob Stone  (12 minutes)  
     We presented this tribute on Sunday morning at the 1999 Silva Convention. Author Bob Stone had died in January, Jose Silva in February, and Juan Silva in March. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

Watch more free videos from the archives in the screening rooms of our Video Vault
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