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Case Working              

     Students of Jose Silva's healing methods can get health cases to work, and people with health problems can submit cases to:

Using your mind to detect information should be just as easy and natural as using your other senses, like eyesight and hearing
     Using your intuition should be as easy and natural as using your senses of sight and hearing, according to Jose Silva.
     Intuition is just one more sensing faculty - a mental sensing faculty.
     When you meet somebody, you use your sense of sight to see what they look like, then you shift to your sense of hearing to hear what they sound like and what they are saying.
     Then you can just as easily shift to your mental sensing faculty - your mind - and detect what they are really thinking and feeling.
     In this short recording, Jose Silva outlines the procedure for Silva UltraMind ESP System graduates to follow in order to learn how to do this.
     For more information and genuine authentic products actually authored by Jose Silva, please visit
     If you would like to help your loved ones and others also learn to use the untapped power of their mind, you can join our Better World initiative. For information please visit

Special Instructions about working Health Cases:
     Please note: When working health cases, we do not diagnose, we do not cure. We detect and correct problems.
   We do not cause problems, so never tell a case subject of a problem that you detected.
     Telling them that you detected a problem may frighten them, and if they are suggestible it could trigger a psychosomatic effect and they could actually creat a problem that they did not have.
     If they do have the problem, it could make it worse.
     You can always suggest that they see a doctor in order to remove any concern that they may have about their health. That way, you are not giving them a negative suggestion that could have undesirable results.

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